About Porcelain

Our Porcelain Factory

 The gathering of two major sources in one pot has a great importance in our story.

The first source had the experience created by the design and production processes of MARBLE AND MARBLE TESSELLATION after 1995, while the second source included the gathering of the people with hundreds of years of tradition of the TILE-CERAMIC ART such as Kütahya and İznik in Eskişehir, in the middle of ANATOLIA. This gathering has enabled the launch of the brand new, unique products in the world. Our R&D processes have been continuing for more than three years and will continue strengthening with its nature. Dozens of international trade fair experience shows that porcelain mosaic provides different solutions to the needs of the market with its superior quality. The uniform patterns are being demolished; and the awesome richness of colors and patterns and three-dimensionality of marbling as well as special boutique designs are no longer out of the reach for the porcelain.